What is embryoscope?

Obstetrics An imaging technique in which an ultrasound-guided small-bore needle with an endoscope is inserted through the abdominal wall into the uterus–without violating the amniotic cavity, to view a living embryo.

Who is Embryoscope™ suitable for?

Although in theory this technology can be applied to any type of patient undergoing IVF treatment, the chances of an improvement in the results are greatest among patients who generate more embryos because there is a better potential for selection. The Embryoscope™ is an embryo-selection tool that helps us more when we have a lot of embryos to choose from.

It can be used in cases where more information about the embryo is desired in situations where there is repeated implantation failure, advanced maternal age and history of recurrent miscarriage. It will help couples and women to make an informed decision about future treatment plan or closure as appropriate.