Abortion in Turkey

Abortion clinic istanbul Turkey In my country this procedure is legal until 10 week of pregnancy. We can calculate pregnancy week from the last menstruel period first day. You should know your blood types. And you should come here same day without eating and drinking anything 5 hours before the procedure. The procedure is outpatient and takes 10 minutes in my clinic. You should rest here just 30 minutes. You should stay here at least one night

How Is Abortion Performed?

Today, among the various methods, the vacuum method is at the forefront. In this method, the patient is treated by vacuuming the fetus to terminate the pregnancy. Thanks to this method, which is among the healthiest and simplest methods, it is possible for the patient to be treated safely. This method is one of the most preferred methods today.

Vacuum Curettage

With the application of this method, which gives successful results especially in the first stages of pregnancy, the patient is treated through a thin channel. With the application of this method, which is the most successful and simplest form of abortion, it is possible to complete the treatment of the patient in a healthy way.

Is abortion illegal?

Abortion is not a prohibited procedure in our country. However, there are certain rules. When done voluntarily, the legal limit is 10 weeks and if the couples are married, the consent of both spouses should be obtained in this regard.

Abortion fees 2022

Abortion fees in Turkey are very advantageous compared to many countries in the world.The cost of the procedure may vary depending on factors such as the type of anesthesia to be applied, multiple pregnancies, presence of cyst-like formations and gestational week.

The medical procedure fee may vary depending on various factors. The type of anesthesia to be applied, multiple pregnancies, cyst-like formations may cause an increase in fees.


Why You Should Choose Turkey To Have Abortion?

  • Providing world-class service in the health sector
  • Safety standards are high
  • Having the latest technology machines
  • Having modern and comfortable hospitals
  • Ease of accommodation and travel
  • At the same time, the possibility of combining treatment and cultural trips.
  • Over 2500 years of history, culture, and traditions, amazing landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views. This transcontinental metropolis is a fast-paced cultural melting pot you can’t afford to miss.
  • We are a country that manages the pandemic process well.

What Is The Advantage Of Gynist Clinic?

  • Affordable prices
  • The latest Technologies and procedures
  • No waiting lists
  • Confidentially
  • 2 Women doctors who have expertise
  • English and Arabic spoken support
  • Located in city center and very close to shopping centers and high-level
  • restaurants
  • Great hospitality

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