Will my symptoms during 2ww tell me the pregnancy failed? This is a question many women often ask. The two week wait, also known as 2ww in the IVF treatment process, can also cause various emotional states. The stages in the IVF treatment process can be a stressful, often hectic time for couples, often as they go through appointments, injections, egg retrieval, fertilization, and subsequent embryo transfer. After all these stages, the next step of the two week journey turns into a waiting state, known as the two week waiting period, waiting to get pregnant and find out if you are pregnant.

Experts say there is nothing you can do in this process except waiting. In this third cycle, the data obtained on the internet about getting pregnant or not being able to get pregnant thanks to IVF during the waiting period may be promising and cause an anxiety-provoking mood. Feelings such as excitement, doubt, anxiety, worry, expectation can be experienced during the two week wait period. Any unconsciously written text on internet forums can cause stress-related insomnia. Nothing to do in the waiting phase can be mentally and emotionally burdensome.

We strain ourselves in the stress experienced during the two week wait period. We must linger with different things, focusing on accepting this process and understanding ourselves in this process. We have to be kinder to ourselves. Finding a creative pastime like crafts, knitting, photography, or cooking is also a great way to keep your mind occupied. We should not forget that being in contact with people who specialize in meditation or correct breathing techniques and being directed towards education on this subject are relaxing ways that make the mind clearer and more fluid. Another method is to help you get through this process together. Staying in contact with people who have experienced and succeeded in this process will also positively help you get through the process.

Are There Any Signs of Failed IVF in 2ww?

As women go through the 2ww process, they can instantly notice the minimal change in their bodies. So is this a sign of pregnancy or failed IVF?

To be clear, the answer is no!

Although the physiological structure of every woman is entirely different, the truth is that your body doesn’t tell you whether you are pregnant or not. In other words, your body cannot give any symptoms during 2ww.

Women who have no symptoms may think that they are pregnant, while women who experience all the symptoms constantly may think that it is an unsuccessful pregnancy.

During 2ww, your body will be entirely under the influence of the two most essential sex hormones. These are progesterone and estrogen. These hormones have a significant impact on all the functions in your body. Due to the excessive secretion of progesterone, your body may work much harder than usual. In addition, your digestive system may slow down significantly, and you may experience constipation. Similarly, a large amount of fluid can accumulate in your tissues, which can cause tenderness in your nipples.

In summary, all the symptoms you experience or will experience during the 2ww period are solely due to the high levels of these two hormones. The only sign that will tell you whether you are pregnant is a blood test.