Calculating the IVF cost can be a bit complicated. However, the cost of IVF varies according to the clinic or hospital where the application is made, location, doctor and techniques. The issue you need to pay attention to here is that there is a unique treatment plan for you to increase the success of the treatment. The cost of IVF treatment in Turkey is much lower than in many countries. Many successful results are obtained with IVF treatment in Turkey.

What are the Factors Affecting IVF Costs?

One of the most critical factors affecting IVF costs is that technology and materials are pretty expensive. One of the most important reasons for the high prices of IVF is the high cost of IVF drugs. Especially if your ovarian capacity is low, you need to use high doses of medication. High-dose drug use also increases the cost of IVF. Of course, the doses of the drugs vary according to the treatment protocols. For this reason, IVF prices are also affected by treatment protocols.

If we compare the IVF costs in Turkey with the abroad IVF costs, it is pretty economical. While the cost of a standard IVF treatment abroad is around $1get price to $get price the average cost of IVF in Turkey is around $get price to $get price . In vitro fertilization prices are more reasonable, especially at Gynist IVF Clinic.

What is Included in IVF Costs?

The answer to this question varies depending on which gynaecology and obstetrician or which IVF treatment centre you prefer. Generally, IVF prices include the drugs you will use and health care services. However, sometimes you may be asked to do some of your examinations in a different health institution. In this case, the said examinations aren’t included in the price. It would be beneficial to discuss this matter after making an appointment.

If you want to have a baby with advantageous and economical methods in Turkey, you can immediately apply to Gynist IVF Clinic.